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We offer wide assortment of PTFE Pipe which are extensively used in chemical processing industry. These tubes & pipes are appreciated for their unique features such as:

  • Chemical resistance to all known chemicals

  • High temperature resistance

  • Insulation to electricity

  • Non-flammable


These PTFE tubes & pipes are available with us in following specifications:

  • Dia: 3-300 (standard)

  • Length: 300-1000 mm (standard), or in long length coils.

PTFE Tubes

Shashi Fluoroplastiks range of products include PTFE Tube such as PTFE Molded Tube, Polytetrafluoroethylene Tube, Virgin PTFE Tube, Black PTFE Tube and Transparent PTFE Tube.

We deal in PTFE Tube and PTFE Pipe in wide range of standard size products and also customized lengths and sizes as per your requirement. PTFE Tubes are known for its characteristic use in high temperatures, chemical resistance and lubricity.

PTFE Flexible Tubing

PTFE Flexible Tubing are available in 0. 8 mm, 1 mm, & 1. 5 mm wall thickness in coil form. 

Physical properties:

Property Unit Test method Virgin PTFE Chemically
modified PTFE
15% Glass
filled PTFE
Density gm/cc astm d-792 2. 1-2. 2 2. 15-2. 2 2. 10-2. 24
Tensile strength kgf/cm2 astm d-638 210-375 325 150-225
Elogation of break % astm d-638 250-400 400-450 225-325
Compressive strength kgf/cm2 astm d-695 40-50 45-65 65-75
Compressive modulus kgf/cm2 astm d-695 4000 4500 6000